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We Help Avid Cyclists Around the World Who Are In Pain Get Back to Riding At Their Highest Level And Doing The Rides They Love…
[without pills, injections, or extended time off the bike.]

We believe in listening to your complete story about what problems are currently impacting your riding experience in order to best serve you.

“5 Cycling Injuries NOT healed with Rest”

Here’s our 3-step process for evaluating YOUR unique limitations and the TRUE cause of your symptoms…


We will take you through the most comprehensive cycling-specific assessment to explore and identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll explain what must be done to get you back to your best riding form.


We will educate you on whats going on and develop a cycling-specific treatment plan that will get you stronger, faster AND pain-free that doesnt require pain pills, injections or extended time off the bike.


We want to empower you to go out and enjoy riding your bike! Sign up for that big race or Fondo you’ve always wanted to do. Imagine ENJOYING performing at your highest level on the bike without injuries holding you back.

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Unleash Massive Watts and Destroy Knee Pain & Back Pain with #GluteDoping

_Designed by The @GluteDoperDoc Dr. Tim Woo, PT, DPT _

Choose your own #GluteDoping Adventure

GluteDoper Coaching Program

GluteDoper Coaching Delivers The ONLY Doctor Designed “Bike-Specific” Training Protocol Guaranteed to Unleash Massive Power while Destroying Knee Pain and Back Pain.
Ride Longer, Go Faster, and Get Stronger with GluteDoping!
Designed by The @GluteDoperDoc Dr. Tim Woo, PT, DPT

5 cycling injuries not healed with rest : From WorldTour and Continental level racers, to Saturday. Morning ride regulars, Dr. Tim Woo has helped tons of riders get out of frustrating pain and back

***Ideal for you if you have minor knee pain or back pain and want to have direct help from our GluteDoper Coaches to unleash more Watts AND destroy pain.

DIY #GluteDoping

Bike Body: Strength Program

The ONLY Doctor Designed “Bike-Specific” Strength Program Guaranteed To Help you Ride Longer, Go Faster, and Get Stronger!

***Ideal if you are just getting started in cycling and are already struggling to generate power and have minor knee pain or back pain. This do-it-yourself program is great for recreational-level riders and weekend warriors!

GluteDoping Challenge

21-day Group Coaching Program with daily video training, accountability and actionable education by Dr. Tim Woo, PT from SoCalBikePT to help you:Master Your Mindset,Identify your Cycling Performance Limitations, and Create YOUR Custom Cycling Success Program!

GluteDoperDoc Physical Therapy with Dr. Tim Woo, PT, DPT

1-on-1 Services for Cycling Injury Rehab and Custom #GluteDoping Performance Programs

***Ideal if you have long-standing injuries that have FAILED traditional Physical Therapy or if you are currently injured and need the GluteDoperDoc to help your unlock your cycling goals directly.

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“Bike Body: STRENGTH” Program

Your GluteDOping Journey begins with this Plug-n-Play 12-week Training program
A structured at-home program with minimal equipment to build a BulletProof Bike Body!
12 week Cycling-Specific Training Program To build your Bike Body from the ground up while from home with minimal equipment while still riding!
Cycling-Specific Exercise protocol developed by Dr. Tim Woo, PT, DPT for EVERY rider who wants to increase their Strength, Speed an Endurance while reducing risk of injury.

Start your #GluteDoping Journey TODAY with The ONLY Doctor Designed “Bike-Specific” Strength Program Guaranteed To Help you Ride Longer, Go Faster, and Get Stronger! (and reduce the risk of developing common cycling injuries in the process.)


“I was on the verge of quitting cycling. Going into my 2018 season I had so much pain in my right hip and knee that I couldnt train like I needed too and my power numbers were plummiting. I’d seen various PT’s here and there who just treated the symptoms, NOT THE ROOT CAUSE of my problems. I was frustrated and had started to lose hope that things would ever get better. Then I found SoCalBikePT! Dr. Tim Woo took the time to figure out what my underlying issues were. He developed a rehab and training program that took me from barely tolerating an easy coffee ride to NOW having the best season ever with Legion of Los Angeles while training LESS hours thanks to his committment to help me along my rehab journey.”
Hunter Grove - Legion of Los Angeles

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